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This package offers a 5 page, responsive business website. The site is easily updatable, includes Google AdWords coding so the user can easily view data and statistics on who is visiting their site, and is fully functional on mobile, tablet, and desktop. The site will also be designed with SEO in mind, to show up quickly in Google.

Most of all, the site is professional, with beautiful, quality images, copy, and web standards to rival larger companies. Typically, the site would include an engaging Homepage, Services/Portfolio page, Contact page, About the Team page, and a Blog page. All pages are customizable and an infinite number of options are available, including various plugins or incorporating social media content.

This package is for a basic page, and anything additional needed would be an additional expense (social media consulting, ect.) which I would be happy to help with!

Getting started

I would need an initial conversation or email from a client to determine:

  1. Goals for the site (ex. I want to sell product and start to grow my sports brand with a focus on women, and drive more traffic to my site)
  2. Content Needed. (What pages, copy, images, social media account info to get a feel for the brand, if available).
  3. Timeframe. Generally a site of this size would take about a month from start to finish, but if needed quicker an expedited process is possible.
  4. Contact Info for the site (emails, phone numbers, hosting account/domain info if in existence already)